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Compact Laminate – Exterior

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Exterior Compact Laminate in Laminex Mortar with Scribe Lines

Our Compact Laminate tops are made locally in Australia. They are available in various custom sizes, colours and styles to suit your cafe, restaurant, hospitality or workplace space. Our Exterior Compact Laminates are UV treated and suitable for outdoor/alfresco spaces. To view our Interior Compact Laminate, click here.

Compact Laminate Table Tops used in the following projects include:

  • Tavern at the Rocks (Round Bar Table: Fundermax Exterior UV ‘Akari Oak’)
  • Lakers Tavern (Laminex Alfresco UV ‘Split Cedar’ with scribe lines. This is an exterior grade compact laminate to withstand harsh sun and should not fade from UV rays)
  • Roll’d Harrisdale (Laminex ‘Sublime Teak’)
  • Quaker Oats (Laminex Alfresco UV ‘Split Cedar’ with scribe lines)
  • 362 Charles Apartment (A-Frame communal dining table with Laminex Alfresco UV Brushed Beam Compact Laminate Top)
  • Hyde Park Hotel (Outdoor A-frame Bar Table: Polyrey UV ‘Pine Grey’)
  • Noodle Forum (Laminex Alfresco UV ‘Sawn Lumbar’)
  • Gosnells Hotel (Polyrey UV ‘Pine Grey’)

Support Local - This Product is Made in Australia