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MEDIX Storage

MEDIX, The Ultimate Storage Solution

MEDIX is designed to last. Known for its extensive variations and combinations.  Open shelves, swing doors, lateral filing and even personal lockers are some of their key combinations. The cabinets have a wide variation of units and can be combined to create a different range of storage units. MEDIX storage systems are suitable for any type of office space environments.

Medix Storage

MEDIX aims in solving current organisational needs by helping to shape the space within the office. MEDIX is made of steel and aims to be a sustainable product. It is known to be tough and durable.

Medix Storage

Durability and Security

Organisations and employees are able to entrust all their important documents are kept and stored securely in these storage cabinets.  More space allocated for all files types. All shelvings can be easily adjusted to accommodate for both large or small items.

Medix Storage - Exchangeable locks

MEDIX Storage - Shelves

Better Door Handle Design

The door hinges and locking mechanisms of the shelves are designed for outstanding reliability, safety and security. Shelve position indicators are fitted inside the cabinets for easy adjustments.

Door handles are designed in a simple rectangular design for easy grip when opening and closing off the door and drawers.

Medix Storage - Special Door Mechanism

Swing Doors & Open Shelf Dimensions

Efficient Use of Space

MEDIX Storage - diagram of Efficient use of space


Business-Saver Sliding Cabinet System

The Sliding cabinet system (Business-saver) is the best solution for storing high volumes of document. Setting the cabinets system along the wall will provide efficiency in the office space and help create a well-balanced working environment between storage and the work area. The business-saver unit can be extended by adding additional sliding system by creating more storage if needed.Medix Business Saver Storage System

Sliding 2 & 3 Doors Dimensions

MEDIX Sliding Door Dimensions & Options

MEDIX Accessories

MEDIX comes with a list of accessories to maximise document organisation. Optimal items can be added to fully utilise the use of the cabinets.MEDIX Storage Accessories