Fleetwood Searipple Karratha

Searipple Village in Karratha is one of the largest accommodation facilities in WA boasting 1,300 rooms over 15 hectares. Fleetwood Australia owns and operates the purpose built village specifically to support WA’s resource industry that has generated thousands of jobs and generated millions of income for the Pilbara region.

We were approached by WorkShopDine at the end of 2018 to collaborate on providing furniture solutions for Searipple’s dining area to support the accommodation facility. As the facility is within WA’s tropical cyclone zone, it is important that majority of the furniture can be stored away quickly in the event of any cyclone emergencies. The task at hand was to create an environment that would meet the safety hazard requirements but also welcoming for the patrons in the village. With that in mind, the loose dining tables proposed could either be folded and stacked, or have lockable castors to be pushed away for storage. Stackable dining chairs and bar stools were also selected for this facility.

Some custom pieces such as tiled tables, bench seating and banquette seating were also fabricated as per the designer’s vision. It was the first time that we worked on such specific banquette seating designs with curved seats in Polytec laminate featuring Lucida Sahara cow hide leather backrest upholstery from Decor Design Center. Rombini Carre Light Blue 400x400mm tiles from Myaree Ceramics were selected for the mobile tiled dining tables.

All items for this project were completed in time and met the required delivery dateline specified. We’re delighted to say that Fleetwood is very pleased with the quality and finishing of the furniture supplied.

Furniture Supplied:

Interior Design by WorkShopDine

Built by Diverse Shopfitters

Searipple Village in Karratha is managed and operated by Fleetwood Australia