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Custom Communal Tables

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Custom Communal Table - Sakaba

Communal Tables are great option for communal and group dining set ups. If your venue is limited on space, it’s an efficient way to utilise your dining space. Our A-Frame Dining and A-Frame Bar Table series are our recommended products for this kind of setting, however we do offer custom communal tables which can be cut to any size to suit your venue requirements.

Product Specifications:

Below is a typical guideline for Rectangular Communal Tables with a standard height of 750mm for dining tables and 1030mm height for bar tables.
*Please note that the below is a guideline and the widths/depths would depend on the size of chairs selected.

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Seat Size Typical Communal Table Dimension Guideline
6-Seater W1500mm x D800 – 900mm (2ppl each side, 1 person at each end)
8-Seater W1800mm – 2000m x D800-900mm (3ppl each side, 1 person at each end)
10-Seater W2400mm x D800 – 900mm (4ppl each side, 1 person at each end)
12-Seater W3000m x D800 x 900mm (5ppl each side, 1 person at each end)


Below are some examples of Custom Communal Tables featured on our website:

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