Kee Hiong Klang BKT

The story of KEE HIONG KLANG BKT (Bah Kut Teh) could be traced back to the Mr. Lee Boon Teh of South Klang in Malaysia. In the 1940’s, Mr. Lee came up with the recipe for stewed ‘Bah Kut’ (meat and bone) by adding seven Chinese medicinal herbs. He was subsequently nicknamed ‘Bah Kut Teh’ which was also a reference to this soup.

Our client decided to bring this legacy to Australia by opening the very first Kee Hiong Klang BKT in Perth. We were delighted to be involved with this build including the supply of loose furniture and also designing the counter bench, overhead shelving, cutlery cabinet and wall cladding around the restaurant.

Furniture Supplied:

Kee Hiong Klang BKT is located at Shop 4/393 Albany Highway in Victoria Park.