Bassendean Hotel

The Bassendean Hotel has been open since 1930 in the heard of Bassendean township. This iconic pub has lived through numerous historical events over the past 92 years. The venue has reached a point where it was time to put some love back into it. So in early 2021, major construction works started with the venue to bring it back to it’s former glory.

We were contacted by ARK Group to be involved in this major refurbishment that has been redesigned by Woods Baggot. The vision was clear, to capture the essence of a traditional pub, but also to use specific materials and finishes that would be more practical for daily operations. Traditional look timber furniture for interior and slightly more modern fixed furniture and custom designed picnic settings for the exterior. All banquette seating upholstery were in high quality leather throughout the venue with some detailed with deep diamond stitching.

The Bassendean Hotel boasts numerous dining spaces including The Saloon Bar, Connolly’s Sports Bar, Courtyards 1 & 2, The Balcony and The Verandah. On top of these spaces, there are also Daphne’s Snug, The Clubroom, Gallagher’s Bar and Swan Room that can hosts private functions and gatherings.

It has been another pleasure working with ARK Group and Utopia Construction to bring life back to The Bassendean Hotel. The result speaks for itself.

Indoor Furniture Supplied:


Outdoor Furniture Supplied:

Built by Utopia Construction

ID by Woods Baggot

Bassendean Hotel is located at 25 Old Perth Road in Bassendean.